Well-being Bracelet

The bracelet is multi-colored.

It reminds us that well-being has several dimensions:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual

All these aspects contribute to human well-being.

The medal is torus-shaped.

It is a geometric form that symbolizes:

  • creation,
  • karma, and
  • healing

The outer edge depicts the sun’s path through the sky. The hole in the middle represents eternity and the unity of all things.

The Backstory

The Well-being Bracelet was born in 2022, but to tell its full story, we need to time travel to 2001. In that prehistoric age, wearing friendship bracelets made out of colorful threads was huge.

Kids who knew how to make a particular model of bracelets – the one used in the Well-being Bracelet – were highly regarded by kids who wanted to be cool and yet didn’t know the art of making them.

In 2018, we dived deep into color therapy and learned about the power of color. Since then, applying color to everyday living became a fun way to bring some sparkles of joy and uplift everyone’s mood.

In 2022, we finally decided upon the final design of the Well-being Bracelet. We chose a multi-colored thread to remind us that well-being is a multi-dimensional human experience and that we need to come together for well-being.

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