Start Living Today!

The work book helped me to better understand what was important to me and me alone. It helped to take a weight off of my shoulders

Rachel from The Darling Dog Mom


START LIVING TODAY is a 30-page e-book designed to help people organise their goals and life in general. We think this kind of workbook may be a good alternative for those who don’t want or aren’t ready yet to work with a professional coach/psychologist and still want to improve their quality of life.


I found that imagining a future event allowed me to connect and experience the emotions of that future in the present; creating a space to allow that future to become a reality by transforming my present emotional world into a state of gratitude and receivership. Without that emotional transformation, I would have been more likely to interact with my surroundings in the same old ways; making it more likely that today would be the same as yesterday. 

Roger from Mind and Love

The design of the workbook was thought to help you through a set of sequential steps. First, you will be invited to think about which are the most important areas of your life and you will instructed to create your own ‘Wheel of Life’.

To be completely honest, when I first checked this workbook, I didn’t really feel like it could be of any help to me. I thought in my mind, “well, I already know this stuff,” and so I was skeptic that it was actually going to help me much. After I went through all the questions and wrote the last answer to the last question.. I felt amazing! I felt happy and motivated.

Ray from The Journey of Ray

Next, you will be requested to think about your ‘Wheel of Life’ and to answer four important questions. These questions will structure your way of thinking, set you on a path of self-discovery, and boost your ability to generate solutions. Once you answer to the questions, you will then perform a creative writing exercise that will help you focus on your ideal self and motivate you to step into the final stage, which is all about transforming your hard work into action!

WHY ONLY £1.99?

We want to reach out as many people as possible so we decided to equate the price of the workbook to the price of a coffee!

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Roger from Mind and Love
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Ray from The Ray Journey
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Rachel from The Darling Dog Mom
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