You & I, We’re a Team.

From coaching to personality readings, my goal is to make sure you are fully aligned with who you are and that you start doing what you are here on earth to do.


I’m internationally certified in Wellbeing Coaching and I provide virtual 1 on 1 sessions to people who want to to evolve and be happier.


I increase your self-awareness through Personality Tests, Astrology and the Tarot. These readings can either be video or email-based.


I offer training and workshops on Wellbeing-related topics such as mindfulness-based meditation and work-life balance.

“Thank you for crossing paths with me and for making me think that there are always good reasons to keep walking through hardship. Thanks for being the diamond that you are. I’m ‘dying’ to start this week’s homework”


Ready to level-up your game?

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