Wellbeing Coaching

Using my coaching and psychology background, I will help you build a life that you love.

Well-being Coaching is a new profession that helps you achieve your well-being goals.

If you want to make a change in your life, a well-being coach will help you solve problems and make the most of opportunities.

Thank you for crossing paths with me and for making me think that there are always good reasons to keep walking through hardship. Thank you for being the diamond that you are. I’m dying to start this week’s homework.


Well-being Coaching

Each one of us is unique, but we all desire the same thing: to get our life together. Isn’t that what we all wish for? Whether that means fitting in a pair of extra-small jeans or creating the job of our dreams, everything comes down to the need to create order out of the chaos. Well-being Coaching is a new profession that is evidence-based and designed to help you build a life that you love and that you feel happy about.

On my coaching practice I offer structure and an open space to incorporate different goals and needs. Thanks to my psychology background and professional certification in Well-being Coaching, I’m able to coach my clients with a wide variety of strategies and offer them the best tools and knowledge I know they can benefit from.


What is Coaching?
Coaching is a new profession that has synthesized the best from psychology, business, evolution, philosophy, spirituality, and finance to benefit the entrepreneur, professional, and business owner.

How does it work?
Coaching works because it offers clients three unique features: synergy, structure, and expertise.

Who works with a coach?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and people in transition use a coach to fix, solve, create, or plan something, personally or professionally.

But how does a coach do this?
The coach helps clients solve problems and make the most of opportunities. When they are taking on a large goal, we help them design the project and provide the support and structure needed to make sure it gets done. We bring out people’s best by offering advice, expecting a lot, helping with effective strategies and celebrating wins.

How much does it cost?
The cost depends a great deal on the amount of sessions you think you need. Please check the brochure at the end of this page to know more about fees.

I try to put in practice some of the advice and knowledge you share. It has been a huge help! I already overcame some challenges; I face my life in a different way and right now I’m getting ready to restart my teaching career. Life is a learning journey and I still have a lot to walk. Thankfully, the Universe puts people in my life who inspire me and make my journey lighter. Vanessa, you are one of them!


All You Need To Know About Coaching

Coaching is a professional activity that brings you the best techniques and tools from a variety of areas such as Psychology, Business, Spirituality, and Finance to make sure you lead life on your own terms. There are essentially three good reasons why coaching can be a good option for you if you are looking to improve your life. First, this is a practise based on synergy, meaning that both the client and the coach become a team. Second, the coach provides accountability by making sure the client takes action and moves toward his/her goals. Last but not least, a coach is an expert on helping people solve problems – what can I say more?

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Booking a Session

To book a session, please fill-in the form below. I will be in contact with you within 3 working days.


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