Your Astropsychology Profile

Astropsychology marries both psychology and astrology to offer not only a personality theory but also a practical tool to support each person on a path towards healing, self-integration and enlightenment. According to Astropsychology, our psyche is a reflection of the cosmos, meaning that it is a reflection of the position of the planets at the time we are born. From a personality perspective, astropsychology can tell us how someone’s psyche is organised and how it can spiritually grow. From a diagnostic point of view, the reading of someone’s birth chart can provide information about what sort of issues can cause distress and eventually illness.

Astropsychology Profile

Based on your birth date, time of birth and birth place, it’s possible to trace a profile of your personality, the way you think and tend to feel, but also what are the main psychological challenges that you are meant to master in this lifetime. This tool will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and the way you are naturally designed to operate in the world.

What will you get?

When purchasing your Astropsychology profile, you will receive a personal analysis of your personality based on your birth date, birth place and time of birth. This comprises a report in .pdf format with:

  • a graphical representation of your birth chart
  • the placement of planets at the exact moment you were born
  • insights into the main themes of your life
  • a personality roadmap to help you understand who you are

You can ask for your Astropsychology profile (£22) by filling the form below.

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