What Are Chemtrails? Is There A Real Reason To Be Worried About? All You Need To Know

Contrails are airplanes’ emissions that contain water and soot. They disappear under 15 seconds. Chemtrails don’t disappear that quickly and they show up as endless white lines in the sky that can prevail for hours until they expand and create clouds, which then become a haze or even some kind of weird fog. Lab studies have analysed rainwater samples and concluded that we have been mostly sprayed with aluminium, barium and strontium. It has all been done in the name of science, of course, and lately to promote the climate change agenda. The fancy word used to cover this up is geoengineering. Google it. Governments have been spraying us without our notice or consent for decades, and I must disclose it to you: they have also sprayed human beings with biological agents such as VX nerve gas and radioactive iodine.