When You Feel Bad, But Your Life Is Changing

Yesterday night when everything became silent I found myself wanting to cry. Do you know those moments in which you think you are over something that happened, but you are not totally there yet? I think that’s what was going on with me last night. I suddenly missed people who are no longer in my life but who used to make me smile, laugh, and be healthily silly. As it has been my practise, I let myself cry. I stayed with the feeling and I did my best to own it. When this happens, I always remember a memorable scene from the movie Eat, Pray, Love, in which Richard from Texas advises Liz to own her feelings and let herself miss her last crush. He tells her to miss him, to send him love and light, but then to drop it too (I did a recent video about these two magical words – “drop it”!).

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The 2 Psychological Barriers That Prevent You From Changing

We are gladly waiting for Spring time to come. I think this post is actually somehow influenced by the energy that Spring brings with it, an energy that propels us to clean ourselves from Winter’s excesses and renew or change all that has been weighing us down and stopping us from being our best selves.

From the coaching work I’ve done with incredible people and reflecting upon my own experience as a human being, I have noticed that there as essentially two issues that we need to “clean”, “get rid of” or make ourselves aware of, in order to make all the changes we need to happen. These are:

  • conscious or unconscious fear of change, and
  • uninspiring goals

I talk about each of these barriers to change in more depth in the video below. Hopefully you will get some useful tips as well to unblock your path to change.


Fitness Apps To Help You Staying Fit In 2018

In October 2017, I committed myself to start a fitness journey. I tried many times to have an active lifestyle in the past but I gave up on it too often and thus I never endured enough to see the benefits of being active. However, this time I made serious resolutions and I committed to the process, having in mind that I would be better equipped to deal with stress at work and happier with my own life in general.

The results have been far better than I ever expected. I have more energy and I am much more motivated to deal with issues whenever they arise. My mind and body have been speaking for themselves, and I am no longer massively depressed. But this journey has been greatly facilitated due to some excellent mobile apps and that’s what I am bringing you in this post. If becoming more active and healthy is part of your New Year’s resolutions, go grab your phone and search for the following apps:

My Fitness Pal 

This app is absolutely great to track the nutritional quality of what you eat. It allows you to register your meals daily and keep track of your progress. But do not worry, because it’s super easy, you just need to scan the bar code of the ingredients you use in your meals and select the portion you’re having. I really believe that My Fitness Pal is a must have if you want to gain more insight on what you eat (e.g. calories per meal) and the impact of food portions in our daily intake. You can even set nutritional goals and then whenever you go beyond them you will be notified. Another great feature of this app is that you can upload photos of your body as you progress and maintain a record of your weight that can be shown weekly, monthly or yearly.


So far I only use one of the features of this app which is “light warmup”. I use this feature before I start any workout. The app guides you through a series of exercises that are meant to prepare you for your main workout session. You can also configure how many minutes you want to spend on the warmup. I find this feature really useful and handy. Usually I can be listening to music in my smartphone and still hear the instructions clearly.

Zen Labs Fitness – 10K

Whether you love running or you would like to start running, I strongly recommend this app. It basically breaks the big challenge of running 10K in small steps and it instructs you to run three times a week for 14 weeks. I have to be honest and say that I never went beyond the 5th week but that’s because I am not really focused on running 10K. I always go back to this app whenever I choose running as my cardio workout. With this app, you can also be listening to music while running and listening to your instructor’s alerts.


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