Rage In, Rage Out: Unleashing The Hidden Beast

Why am I here again? Maybe it’s an opportunity to feel and express the rage I never let out worrying that I would hurt someone with my bursts. It’s a visceral rage that makes me cry, clench my teeth and contract my stomach. It’s a rage that stems from not being able to be and express my own raw emotions. It’s the rage I used to try to dissipate by listening to heavy metal and hardcore punk when I was 15 years old. Maybe I haven’t accepted duality, and the fact that I’m allowed to rage and fuck you can be part of my dictionary too. Yes, Jung said everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. I finally understand why other people’s anger irritates me so much. I spent most of my life denying it and redirecting it towards myself through overeating. Holly fuck, I stroke a chord here. I have repressed rage problems.