Sensitivity, Extreme Empathy and Psi Phenomena

It was 2am when a Facebook Messenger notification showed up on my laptop screen. It was M., one of the very first people from whom I learned about Spirituality. Back then I didn’t know I would go from an atheist to someone who has her own connection with God, Source, Cosmic Energy, whatever you really prefer to call it. I didn’t know I would find out that the way I perceive reality is indeed peculiar. I didn’t know I would find a niche (three, actually) within Psychology that describes many of those peculiar experiences and I also didn’t know I would find so many references in Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Alchemy that back up the existence of a very subtle energy field which connects us all. Since a very young age, I have always had this thought: there is nothing new to be found, everything is already explained in very, very old texts. The more I grow and the more I explore, the more I confirm that thought. The fun and exciting part of wandering around libraries and hanging out with old, dusty books is exactly this: finding valuable information about our human experience that no one or very few people teach in the so called “Western World”. Those old, dusty books have reassured me that there is nothing wrong or abnormal with the way I (and many of you, I believe) perceive or feel.

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3 Strangers, 3 Wise Teachers in the City of Canterbury

I lived 3+ years in Kent and walked around the streets of Canterbury quite a lot. I would either walk to keep myself physically active or to mitigate what I will call now sadness. Canterbury is a very medieval-alike town. It’s funny how before I moved there I said “this is the perfect place to hide for three years, but afterwards the princess will get tired of her castle”. And so she did, not due to boredom, but because life altogether became really unbearable. You can become quite bored too, nonetheless, since Canterbury is a very small, student town. The best walking experiences were those in which I had too many thoughts inside my head and I would then bump into some stranger who would start talking to me out of nowhere. In this post I will tell you about three different occasions in which these strangers taught or brought me some sort of special message. These were a Buddhist Monk, a Street Performer, and a Refugee from Iran.

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