A Very Special Dinner Guest | Questions to Fall in Love | Q1

A few days (weeks, maybe a month, you know I’m not good with temporal limits), I came across a very interesting Psychology study on Stephan’s blog Stories of a Colorful Life. The study consisted in finding out whether it would be possible to create closeness between strangers, using a set of 36 questions (e.g. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?). These questions were thought to accelerate and facilitate the process of meeting someone and establishing a deeper bond, something that is very difficult to achieve nowadays in this post-post-modern era (I addressed current issues with dating here on the blog, you may want to check it out here). Avoiding my technical brain here and any comment on methodology, I must say I absolutely adored the idea of the study, and inspired by Stephan I decided to dedicate a blog post to each question used on it.