5 Lifestyle Changes That Helped Me Recover From Burnout

Burnout recovery takes time. A lot of time, sometimes. I would say it’s a work in progress, because once your mind-body system gets used to be constantly flared up and out of control, it’s hard to reset and restore it back to balance. For instances, I would like to confidently say that I’m recovered by now, but I can’t. I’m taking my personal recovery as a day-by-day project, since I never really know when memories or present situations will trigger and send me back to living out of sync with my breath and human capacity. I can, however, tell and share how I have been recovering and getting my human energy back. Although not totally surprised, I’m still astonished with the results I have been getting. I went from having early dementia symptoms (memory problems, reduced concentration, apathy, withdrawal, reduced awareness, and loss of ability to do everyday tasks) to clear, focused awareness and healthy energy levels without having to rely on my double espressos. All I did was to change my lifestyle. Here are 5 of the most important changes: