Expressive Writing: The Sacred Art of Understanding Yourself Better

Just like plants, from which we obtain the so-called essential oils, we as human beings also have an essence. I believe that essence resides in our hearts. The more we distil our hearts, the more we see and perhaps understand what our essence is like.

I’m not talking about our physical heart though. I’m talking about something that allows us to go way deeper. I’m talking about a resonance, a frequency that emanates from the centre of our chest.

The more we tune into that frequency, the more we feel who we are and the more we become one with everything. What separates us from the outside starts to melt and we connect beyond our physical limits.

My preferred way to melt these boundaries is through writing. Every now and then, my body and mind are disconnected from each other. Each one of them speaks into the void and they find no listeners.

My mind is usually faster and more resolute than my body. I have ignored my body. I have mistreated it. I have lived my life pretty much inside my head. As a result, I have often forgotten the importance of uniting them as one.

When I sit down to write though, that disconnection tends to disappear. Both my mind and my body come together. They form a sole beam of light and I feel like I’m floating. I’m swirling around in a sky made of cotton clouds.

While I’m comfortably lingering in that space, my heart keeps pouring out words. These are sometimes sweet, other times bitter. Whatever the case, I let my heart speak with little to no filter. I feel alive and human by allowing it so.

That sense of aliveness comes with the feeling that I’m reaching my essence. Or at least a deeper part of myself. I get closer and closer to my core. Sometimes it’s like I can even touch it. The closer I get, the more I feel like I belong.

It’s mostly for that feeling that I sit down and write. It’s for that feeling that I let myself experience the flow of being, the flow of creation itself. I let it come to life on paper or on the screen of my laptop.

That’s why writing for me is to step into a sacred space. It’s a portal to my inner being. It does not disconnect me from others. It actually helps me transmute the way I relate and interact with reality as a whole.

For me, writing is the gateway to a world where all emotions co-exist freely. It is where there are no harsh rules shaping and bending my being. I don’t turn left or right as the outer world commands me.

I believe writing can be a way to connect with life’s beauty. At least, when I write, I dive deep into our collective heart. That’s where we all exist equally, regardless of skin tone, size, shape, age, or belief system. That’s where good and bad are one too.

When I slide into that space through writing, I do not only exist. I am one with myself and with the world. I just am, and I find beauty in the tiniest of details throughout that journey. Even in what we grow up to believe to be bad, ugly, or shameful.

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