Starting A Business From The Bottom

I just sat my bum on my comfy and warm bed to share with you what I have been up to these days. I was having a lot of difficulty with structuring a business where I can have the freedom to be the consultant, the academic, the campaigner, the change maker, the creative and the leader of a more conscious way of generating wealth and wellbeing for all. I basically didn’t know whether I should narrow down my entrepreneurial vision, or simply wait for some lightbulb moment.

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A Morning Revelation: I Don’t Like What I’m Doing

I guess this is not really a great revelation, but I had numbed out the fact I don’t really enjoy the environment I work on at the moment. It’s something that it is definitely coming to an end, but over the last couple of months I started to consider that maybe I should keep doing the same kind of “job”: teaching and doing research in institutions that are not really ready yet to make the big leap into the future.

However, last night I had a very insightful chat with someone in Turkey, about the memories that a recent family trip brought up in me. By the end of the conversation I got a different perspective and understanding of what has been actually underlying such memories and feelings: I have been running away from myself and from my feelings, silencing what I really feel, to avoid confronting people about their behaviour and attitudes.

And I have been doing the same about my job: instead of facing the fact that I don’t fit in my working environment, which includes people, practises, and values, I have been trying to convince myself that I should simply settle for what there is, that I should stop envisioning the future and aim for it. But my DNA is of an entrepreneur, how can I make my natural attitude in life dormant? I guess I can’t, and that’s why I woke up today again to the thought that I am not happy doing what I’m doing, where and with whom I’m doing it.

It took me a flight to Lisboa to step aside and see what has been happening over the last months. Now I just have to decide what step will I actually make: will I choose what there is or will I work on what can become?