3 Coping Strategies in Survival Situations

As promised in my last blog post on the psychology of survival, I’m bringing you three coping strategies to help you keep your mental health on track and to increase your chance of overcoming any critical situation with success. As you can pick from the different stages of the psychological cycle we go through in survival mode, it’s only normal to experience a great range of emotions and feel lost in the process. Denial, resistance, fear, stress, sadness, anger. It takes time and effort to remain calm and fully aware. It’s tough! After all, your life might well be on the line! The coping strategies I’m bringing you here are based on The Survival Handbook by Colin Towell and I believe they can be a sort of compass to help us move through and out of disasters or emergencies. I personally think the most important coping strategy is motivation building, followed by hope and acceptance.