5 Ideas to Make Your Life Better Right Now

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Sometimes, small changes or habits can have a great impact on the way we perceive life and the way we feel about something distressful that might have happened to us. Whether you are going through a rough patch or you are simply interested in improving the quality of your life, there are practical ideas you can adopt right now to uplift your mood and increase your well-being. Here are five ideas you can use to make your life better right now:

1. Do 3 Jumping Jacks

Change your physiology and you will change the way you feel. When we exercise, we produce a special range of hormones that gives us that good feeling experience we all need to get out of a rough patch.

2. Let Go of The Victim Mentality

Comparing yourself or asking unhelpful questions such as “Why me?” can only prevent you from growing and going after your goals. Learn from what you have been experiencing and empower yourself by putting it to good use. You may also want to read the article “What is holding you back? Four Major Psychological Roadblocks” and “3 unrealistic expectations that are making you miserable“.

3. List 5 Reasons To Be Grateful for Today

Gratitude has become a buzz word but the effects of feeling grateful and finding gratitude even in small details of our days are undeniable. Gratitude can be the difference between feeling sorry for yourself when life is not going your way and feeling content for just being alive.

4. Set Up a Healthy Routine

If your routine is solely based on working, eating, and sleeping, then you might need to redesign it to add more well-being practices to your day. Add time for recreation but also time to work out or engage in some other meaningful activities such as volunteering locally, or baking for your best friend. You may also want to read the article “A Stoic Evening Routine for Success“.

5. Book a Call with a Coach

Life can seem and feel pretty overwhelming at times, especially if you are sensitive. It’s not only OK but advisable to ask for professional help. Working with a coach can be the turning point you are needing right now in your life. A coach is equipped to guide toward the right questions and best-fitting solutions. Could you and I be a great coaching team? Book a free call today to find out.

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According to neuroscientist Richard Davidson, well-being is a skill, and it can be developed with practice. It’s like learning to walk or playing the piano. The more you practice it, the more you strengthen the neuronal circuits associated with well-being, and the better you get at it. These neuronal circuits are plastic and thus can be expanded and trained. They are awareness, connection, insight, and purpose.

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