10-Day Wellbeing Challenge

We all know what to do in order to live the best version of our life. The problem is that we are human beings and sometimes we get lost due to the overwhelming load of information that surrounds us.

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3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life

Yesterday I started working on my eating and exercising habits. I feel it is time to commit more seriously to myself and ‘run’ those extra miles that I have been avoiding. Plus, I’m craving some sort of life transformation, and is there any better moment than now?

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3 Sunday Habits For a Successful Week at Work

Few people like Sundays – or at least Sunday evenings. People start feeling the dread of Monday’s morning. I must say that I stopped feeling that way since high-school, simply because I realised that everything was pretty much “head-made”: it’s all about the meaning you create and live by.

If you like to feel bad about yourself, your work and life in general as soon as Sunday goes by, well then keep navigating through your blues, but if you are fed up of feeling the unnecessary negativity associated with Mondays then you need to work out on your attitude and thoughts. At least, that was what I did back then and it worked pretty well as I am now always looking forward to welcome a new Monday.

use your Sunday to take care of yourself, relax and prepare for the upcoming week


One of the things I did to change how Sundays and Mondays impacted my mood was to see Sunday as an incredible opportunity to prepare for what is coming and therefore assume that Monday will actually be a good to me. Mondays became, therefore, a time in which something new unfolds – and that always sparkles excitement. So basically if you want to overcome the “Monday Blues”, you must:

  • reprogram your Sundays, and
  • reframe the meaning you attribute to Mondays

Now this post particularly touches on the first point: reprogramming your Sunday. How do you do that? Well, instead of losing time with that feeling of dread, use your Sunday to take care of yourself, relax and prepare for the upcoming week. See it as warm up; a moment to slowly transition from the weekend’s laid back attitude to a more work-focused mindset. Please, let me repeat an important word here: s-l-o-w-l-y.

And how can you do this? I am giving you three suggestions below which I personally use for my own mind shift, so I can prepare both mind and body for a successful week at work. Here are my three favourites:

1. Making Self-Care the Priority

Self-care is something very personal. Each person has his/her own self-care activities or preferences. I usually reserve this day to shape my eyebrows, do a deep facial cleanse, and catch up with fellow bloggers. I usually do all these in the morning and early afternoon, so I can generate good feelings within and refill my emotional cup for the week.

2. Meal Preparation

I love food, so I love this one. Being in a Fitness Journey – or I would say Wellbeing Journey actually – requires us to eat well and make sure that throughout the week we keep faithful to our healthy eating commitment. The way I found to do that is to do some meal preparation and setting up some snacks to take to work with me. I usually do this later in the evening, because I see it as an in-between activity between “self-care” and “work”.

3. List of Work Commitments

After preparing my meals and snacks for the week, I like to sit down and look at my calendar. I often make some to-do lists and I enumerate several things I need to do during the week at work. This helps me a lot getting into a more “working-mindset” without much effort and it also reduces uncertainty because while I am doing the list I am not only freeing my mind of worries but I am also materialising the things I need to get done and that gives me more clarity.

Success 101: The Psychology of Morning Rituals

I recently shared with you my morning routine. It is one of my favourite rituals and it actually works for me because I see it as a sacred space and time, in which I honour and nurture my body, mind and spirit.

However, I also told you how I used to struggle to get out of bed and make a morning routine plan work. I used to struggle because I did not love the plan I was designing for me each morning. I was trying to follow what other people would recommend as part of an active and healthy morning routine (e.g. go jogging super early in the morning) and not listening at all to what my inner self had to say about it.

Thus there had to be some background work before I reach the point of successfully sticking to a morning routine. I had to dive deep within myself and listen to my body, mind and spirit needs. As soon as I did this exercise, it became clear why I was not being successful with maintaining an active and healthy morning routine.

After knowing how my body, mind and spirit would really like to start the day, I noticed the importance of translating that ideal into a ritual. I wrote down the activities I would perform in my ‘ideal morning’ and broke them into small and basic steps that I would then follow every time I would wake up.

So this is how my morning routine ritual looks like:

  1. wake up gently, preferably without setting an alarm
  2. stretch and expand my body, using all the space I can in bed
  3. change from my pyjama to my yoga pants
  4. wash my face and teeth
  5. drink warm water with lemon
  6. put on my youtube yoga class
  7. prepare a delicious breakfast
  8. start adulting

I find it much easier to keep this routine if I respect and follow these steps. I actually enjoy and feel the need of performing this ritual every single morning. There is no more struggling with getting out of bed and starting the day ahead.

Psychologically, this is possible because repetition is one of the best friends of assimilation and assimilation makes forming healthier habits easier as well. Thus, no matter what time or mood I get up with, I simply embrace my ritual and fall into the virtual sacred space and time that I created for myself. In there, I find the strength to go out and simply rock’n’roll a brand new day.