We Need A Different Kind Of Management

I don’t know if I’m totally aware of the consequences of letting you know that I feel grateful for all the silent replies and horrid recruitment experiences that I have had. Looking at my own experiences and other people’s stories, I would that companies are not exactly interested in Talent. In other words, all the talk about Talent and maximising potential is a big pile of bullshit, because what they are looking for is people who will get the work done without too many questions. No one can deny that the Quest for Talent looks good on a piece of paper though. Conferences and forums are created annually, for instances, to discuss how to identify and recruit the most talented individuals on Earth. When we go back to reality though, we face the same old resistance to change, which is nothing more than our good and old human tendency to conform to what is known and to base our decisions upon heuristics. The momentum created in the expensive (and often luxurious) events rapidly fades and the Talent rarely hired.

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