A Quick Catch-up: Where Am I?

Brace yourselves, this is one of those personal posts! 🙂

A month ago I wrote this post about “How to Put Your Life Together” and I just wanted to share what has changed or how far have I reached. At that time, my list of 12 things that needed to change contained the following items:

  1. Move house
  2. Change job
  3. Complete PhD thesis
  4. Buy a gym membership
  5. Book a massage
  6. Get a proper bike
  7. Invite JJ, W. and wife to have dinner in the new house
  8. Build-up a nice romantic relationship(forget this item!)
  9. Revamp my blog
  10. Work on my social business plan
  11. Create a saving account
  12. Visit family on a weekend asap


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And a month later, this is how my list looks like at the moment:

  1. Move house: I’m not moving to a caravan anymore, I rented a room in a big house, with a very nice garden, really close to the university. I will be able to save on transportation and I will have enough space to breathe, do yoga… Plus, my landlady seems to be a super sweet person! I’m moving this Saturday.
  2. Change job: I will probably write some posts in the future about my adventures on finding a job, but at the moment is suffice to say that I decided that I won’t keep waiting to create my own job occupation and I decided to embrace my creative side and use it for the greater good. I will tell you more about this later on!
  3. Complete PhD thesis: What can I say about this? I’m doing my best everyday not to hate this thesis a little bit more.
  4. Buy a gym membership: I decided the gym wasn’t for me after all. I will write a post later too about my first attempt at the gym. It was fun… but the benefits weren’t enough to convince me that it was the right thing for me.
  5. Book a massage: I haven’t done this at all!
  6. Get a proper bike: I will wait a bit more on this, because I will probably move away from England as soon as I submit my thesis.
  7. Invite JJ, W. and wife to have dinner in the new house: things have definitely changed and I am not going to do this any more. Shit happens, it’s all I can say.
  8. Build-up a nice romantic relationship(forget this item!): Yes, I am definitely not looking for this and I’m happy I don’t think about this half of the time I used to.
  9. Revamp my blog: Yes, yes, yes! I have done some changes lately, hope you like the way it looks like now. I might ask my brother for help in the future to work in the customization.
  10. Work on my social business plan: Oh well, I have a couple of ideas but I haven’t spent time on this. However, this is linked to my item #2 and my Social Entrepreneurship training at the University of Oxford starts in September, so I’m feeling hopeful and positive about it.
  11. Create a saving account: Well, considering I will soon be gone, there is no point of creating a saving account here in England. I will wait to see how things will go, but I am pretty sure I won’t be here by the time next Summer starts.
  12. Visit family on a weekend asap: I’m planning to do this in October!


Some priorities have changed, others are completely gone of my life’s map. I guess that’s perfectly fine, even though it is now making me think that perhaps I haven’t been too sure about staying in England or sailing away. To be completely honest, I don’t want to stay and I don’t have good reasons to do so. On the other hand, the idea of going back to Lisboa does not convince me 100%. I would like to have it as my safe place but travel a bit around Europe, teaching here and there. Let’s see what the future has for me.

Sitting With Pain: Psychospiritual Meanings of Neck & Lower Back Pain

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For two days in a row, I have been sitting at my desk with a very spacey mind and a very achy body. While trying to relax yesterday in the office by doing some stretches, I managed to get a stiff neck. Coupled with my inflamed sciatic nerve, I can say I’m having the time of my life.

I can’t turn my head to the left and I can’t sit for long hours without a painful reminder on the right side of my lower back. I have been taking pain killers, which I don’t like at all, and instead of getting better it seems that my body is showing me the consequences of treating myself so poorly.

As spiritual as you might know I am, I dived deep into the web and searched for potential spiritual meanings of pain. I wasn’t very surprised when I read that pain might be a result of accumulated unhealed emotions and unforgiven hurts. I narrowed down my research to “neck pain” and “lower back pain”. In a nutshell, here is what I found out:

  • neck pain: it is usually related to taking too many responsibilities (check), having a hard time making decisions (check), and going in the wrong direction (check?)
  • lower back pain: fear for my survival (check), fear of losing freedom (check), fear of material loss (double check), feelings of not being supported enough (check), the belief that one has to “have it all” and not wanting to admit it (check!)

Now I’m indeed surprised with how all of these “symptoms” match with what I have been feeling over the last month. I believe that if the symptoms persist and the painkillers are not working, then I’m probably not doing a great job on managing the way I perceive and live life right now.

The astonishing truth is that deep inside I know I haven’t. There is still a lot of work to be done within. There is still a lot to learn – perhaps not so much intellectually but practically. I already know that prolonged negative emotions lead to dysfunction and physical manifestations. I guess what I don’t know yet is how to tame my own beliefs, emotions, and actions when everything becomes overwhelmingly confusing.

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