5 Guaranteed Ways to Skyrocket Your Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing refers to our overall physical health and fitness level. It deals with aspects such as body weight, nutrition, sleep, exercise, toxins management, and hygiene. Follow these 5 tips to boost yours.

A Stoic Evening Routine For Success

Stoics seem to give great lifestyle advice. In a quick recent research, I discovered that Marcus Aurelius used to follow and suggest a set of behaviours and activities that are meant to generate stillness and promote both body and mind awareness. Altogether, these aspects contribute to a greater capacity to be virtuous and act accordingly. Below, you will find seven of Marcus Aurelius’ routine recommendations to achieve success.

What is Meditation? The Practice of Zazen

Meditation can offer you different benefits for well-being. These include increased self-awareness, a greater focus on the present moment, reduced stress, enhanced productivity, and improved self-regulation. I find Zazen meditation very useful and adequate to my needs and goals. I hope this post makes you curious to explore other meditation styles so that you can find one that suits your nature.