How To Overcome a Meltdown

the reason why so many of us have ‘meltdown’ experiences nowadays is exactly because we lead our lives without mindfulness, without conscious awareness. We are ‘set up’ to rush through life, because time is money and the world doesn’t wait for you. These are common beliefs that subconsciously mine our attempts of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. We may say that we don’t think this way but we were led to believe that it’s how life and others work. Therefore, the first thing to do when having a meltdown is to slow down or even freeze in time, so we can reconnect ourselves. In fewer words, the first thing to do is to become mindful. Now don’t think I’m recommending you to go open a mobile app or listen to a guided mindfulness meditation. I’m talking about becoming mindful, aware, conscious, by taking a couple of deep breaths, relaxing your shoulders and your stomach area. I’m talking about of reminding yourself that you’re only human, a living, breathing organism who has the power to step back and connect with the best part of you once again.