Going On A Self-Retreat

January was tough. I’m still catching up broken pieces of glass and cutting myself here and there. I don’t feel great everyday, but there is an inner knowing that reassures me I’m on the right path. To honour this path, I decided to review here what happened so far this year and why I will be giving myself a time to retreat during the upcoming New Moon (February 4th).

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Minimalism: 4 Decisions to Make Your Life Easier

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a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterised by extreme spareness and simplicity  (as in Merriam Webster Dictionary)

I like the idea of minimalism. When I moved to the UK I adopted that concept: I managed to emigrate with one cabin bag and nothing else. Three years later, my office is filled with boxes and I can barely walk into my tiny room. So the bad news is that I have been accumulating a lot of stuff; the good news is that I am moving out soon and therefore I have a brand new opportunity to practise MINIMALISM once again.

If you are not aware of the concept yet, I totally recommend you to watch a documentary produced by two American dudes who decided to embrace and teach the concept to the wider community.


There are a lot of benefits associated with going “minimal”: you will (probably) feel that order has been restored in your life, you will feel psychologically lighter… and you won’t have the same trouble I’m now having to move out and take everything with me. The truth is… I don’t want to take everything with me: I actually want to review every single thing I possess right now and make one of the following decisions:

Decision #1: Throw it away

Everything that is broken and has no possible use must go straight away to the rubbish bin. EVEN if it has great sentimental value.

Decision #2: Sell it 

Items that I bought and which I barely used are probably a possible source of income, so they will be listed on the Facebook’s marketplace. If you are in the UK, you may want to check what is on my selling list at the moment:

Decision #3: Donate it

Everything that it’s not easy to sell online (e.g. clothes) goes directly to charity shops!

Decision #4: Keep it

Everything that is essential to my daily living… moves with me.

Sounds simple right? The challenge only comes up when you are actually reviewing your suff and deciding what you are going to do with them! You must be brave and follow the rules of your own kind of minimalism… if not, you risk moving out with a lot stuff you don’t actually need!

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