5 Offline Activities You Must Add To Your Well-being Routine

Spending time offline is very important to our mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes it seems rather difficult, however, to disconnect from our devices and social media channels. We became used to the idea that reaching to our mobile phones to use the internet or check our emails every two minutes are acceptable modern habits, behaviors we can’t live without. These behaviors can be, nonetheless, signs of phone addiction and inability, for instance, to practice non-doing.

A 2015 study by Silentnight concluded that people nowadays spend more time on their mobile phones and laptops than sleeping. This means people are not only more exposed to several electromagnetic frequencies, which can negatively impact our health and wellbeing in the long run, but they are also depriving themselves of important healthy habits such as sleeping enough, having quality time with others or keeping an active lifestyle.

To counteract this mindless tendency, in this post I’m suggesting 5 different activities that will not only contribute to your well-being but also help you stay offline more often.

1. Journaling

Get yourself a little notebook and take some time off to sit down somewhere nice and quiet to write down your thoughts and feelings. Writing is an incredible way to practice self-reflection and develop self-awareness. When we write, we may even explore aspects of our existence that we were not aware of, but which can bring us new insights and helpful information to improve our daily decision-making processes.

2. Walking

Going for a walk is one of my favorite ways of connecting with myself. It is also a great relaxation method. Whenever my mind is busy with some sort of problem, I go out for a walk and I always come back with a clearer perspective of what was bothering me in the first place. You don’t need to do long distances through – a ten to fifteen-minute power walk can bring you a lot of health and wellbeing benefits.

3. Meal Sharing

In Southern European countries (and most Latin countries), meals are often a social moment. It’s an opportunity to gather people around a table and enjoy each other’s company. You don’t need to be sharing a meal with a big group though. You can invite your best friend or partner for a cute picnic or a homemade meal. You can even order your food if you want to. Just make sure you won’t be spending time on Instagram uploading pictures of what you are eating!

4. Reading

Ok, I know you may not be a book lover – or maybe you are -, but one of my favorite ways to disconnect is to spend some time studying a book. I’m a non-fiction kind of booklover, so I love devouring a book and then taking several notes on what I find interesting. Some of those notes become blog posts later on, so this is definitely a great option to spend more time offline and yet still be a productive blogger!

5. Forest Bathing

I told you about walking already, right? Forests are one of my favorite places to walk in because it’s free from all those weird vibrations and electromagnetic frequencies that harm our energy. I always feel replenished after spending some time in a forest or some other place where nature conquers everything!

Concluding Thoughts

It’s good for our health and well-being to spend some time away from the digital world. There are a lot of different activities you can engage with when you are offline. Sometimes we don’t recall how restoring these activities can be so I hope this list can remind and inspire you to go offline and look after yourself.

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