The Self-Absorbed Person

I deeply believe that what bothers us in others is part of our own shadow. So a good self-development exercise is to ask ourselves the following: in which situations am I self-absorbed? I tend to be self-absorbed when discussing ideas and perspectives. If I have a hunch that what the other person is saying is not accurate, I will raise my sword and make my point prevail. This doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not able to agree with another or even give way to their take on reality. And if I take a good look at the table, I’ve engaged in all the listed behaviours at some point in life. The quest is to be aware of this and be committed to improve oneself on a regular basis. Personal development and personal growth are not cool trends, they must be part of your lifestyle, if your intention is to evolve as a human being. If not, that’s ok. No point in seeking answers or reading and writing blogs such as this.