From Love Addiction to Mindful Dating

We lost the art of growing our human connections. We have grown up used to the idea that everything is ready-made and waiting for us on some supermarket shelf - or at a finger's swipe between left and right. Why bother yourself with learning the ingredients you need to make mayonnaise from scratch if you can buy a bottle of Hellmann's, right? I think we need to dive deeper though, if we want to connect with better matches and have more mindful dating experiences. I think we need to be more mindful and make better questions when on a date. I honestly believe that it's not so much about whether your match takes you to a fancy restaurant, comes dressed in gold, or pays the bill for you. It's more about whether you can, or cannot, feel seen, heard and safe to be yourself while also pursuing your romantic feelings. And to know that, you need information from the other person. Here are some questions that I label as mindful dating questions. Here are some suggested questions, which I label as mindful dating questions, that you can perhaps use on a future date.