Relationships As A Spiritual Practise

According to Terry Real, relationships can and should be treated as a spiritual practice. Terry believes there is a natural harmony, disharmony, and repair cycle within relationships. Conflicts can be an adaptive step towards greater relational maturity. Yet, contemporary culture does not prepare us for long-lasting relationships based on truth and love. We keep operating based on reproduction and power rather than empathic skills. These skills include active listening, compassion, and awareness. Altogether, these allow us to understand which part of us – the adult or the child – is interacting with reality, at any given moment.

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White Pages & Life Assessments

A white page was never an issue. It used to be a portal to my inner world. A gateway to my feelings and thoughts about reality. It was my way to sort out and track life. What am I doing? What am I feeling? What do I think about this and that? Where to go next? An untyped white screen would be filled with questions such as these and eventually some nuggets for future action.

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