5 Great Ideas To Celebrate Winter Solstice With Family

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Winter Solstice is only one week away! It falls on Friday, December 21st this year and marks the first day of winter. Being the longest night of the year, everyday after the Solstice will slowly grow lighter and lighter. It’s a time to celebrate that it won’t stay dark forever!

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Morning Routines: A Breakfast Routine in The Office

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At the moment, I’m choosing to have breakfast in the office most days, at least until I move to a new place, back in Canterbury. This is because the house I have been living in (and sharing with strangers) for over a year now is very small, and the chance of having the time and space to eat a nice breakfast by myself is even tinier. I do like to prepare my food with plenty of peace and space, because as an empath it’s very easy to pick on people’s energy and I don’t really want that to happen in the early hours of my day.

I consider myself however to be very lucky – the building I work at has all I need to prepare breakfast: a microwave, a toaster, and a coffee machine. So when arrive there every morning, I follow pretty much the same steps everyday: I switch on the coffee machine, I put my stuff in the office, I make one or two eggs using the microwave, and I toast half of a bagel.

This is one of the easiest routines I have right now and it doesn’t ‘eat’ much of my time in the morning. Between preparing and eating my breakfast, I probably take me no more than 10 minutes. I usually start working between 9 and 10 am, depending on the time I manage to get up (I’m not using any alarm), and walk out the door.

This routine is very different from the one I used to have in 2016 and 2017, but as you can find out in my posts about morning routines and rituals, the most important thing of a routine is that it fits your needs and current resources. On that note, you can check out my blog post on how to design a morning routine that works for you here, and also know more about the psychology of morning rituals here.

Let me also know in the comments below how does your morning / breakfast routine looks like at the moment, and what other topics would you like me to write about in the near future! 🙂

Travelling Internationally: Behind The Scenes


In the beginning, I used to pack like anyone else, but soon it hit me that there had to be another clever and more effective way to pack all I needed. I did a google search and found out about the technique you can see in the picture below: every piece of clothing becomes a little roll and magic happens. Using this trick, I can now pack much more clothes.



Coffee first…

I like to have a good coffee before I head to the airport. Coffee not only wakes me up as it’s actually a ritual that prepares me to another brand new adventure!



A good book to read

Another must have is a book that gets my unconditional attention. I found this at the Whitstable rail station and it’s all about positive organisational behaviour and leadership.



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Success 101: The Psychology of Morning Rituals

I recently shared with you my morning routine. It is one of my favourite rituals and it actually works for me because I see it as a sacred space and time, in which I honour and nurture my body, mind and spirit.

However, I also told you how I used to struggle to get out of bed and make a morning routine plan work. I used to struggle because I did not love the plan I was designing for me each morning. I was trying to follow what other people would recommend as part of an active and healthy morning routine (e.g. go jogging super early in the morning) and not listening at all to what my inner self had to say about it.

Thus there had to be some background work before I reach the point of successfully sticking to a morning routine. I had to dive deep within myself and listen to my body, mind and spirit needs. As soon as I did this exercise, it became clear why I was not being successful with maintaining an active and healthy morning routine.

After knowing how my body, mind and spirit would really like to start the day, I noticed the importance of translating that ideal into a ritual. I wrote down the activities I would perform in my ‘ideal morning’ and broke them into small and basic steps that I would then follow every time I would wake up.

So this is how my morning routine ritual looks like:

  1. wake up gently, preferably without setting an alarm
  2. stretch and expand my body, using all the space I can in bed
  3. change from my pyjama to my yoga pants
  4. wash my face and teeth
  5. drink warm water with lemon
  6. put on my youtube yoga class
  7. prepare a delicious breakfast
  8. start adulting

I find it much easier to keep this routine if I respect and follow these steps. I actually enjoy and feel the need of performing this ritual every single morning. There is no more struggling with getting out of bed and starting the day ahead.

Psychologically, this is possible because repetition is one of the best friends of assimilation and assimilation makes forming healthier habits easier as well. Thus, no matter what time or mood I get up with, I simply embrace my ritual and fall into the virtual sacred space and time that I created for myself. In there, I find the strength to go out and simply rock’n’roll a brand new day.