The Powerful Healing Effects of Color

In this post you will learn about what color therapy is, what is the therapeutic effect of primary colors, and how I’m using this knowledge to help my clients and myself.

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I guess it all started when ‘color therapy’ started to come to my head almost every day. Then I also started to follow someone on YouTube whose work is partly related to the use of colors as a healing method. Next I bumped into someone in my department who was wearing a beautiful and colorful headband. It was yellow, orange, pink, and a little bit of blue and green here and there – it definitely caught my eye and, more importantly, it made me smile! And while I was telling my colleague how beautiful her headband was, my mind also whirled around with thoughts:

Isn’t that interesting, the power of colors? I should explore that. It’s such a beautiful way to even positively influence other people’s mood. If that headband made me smile and feel playful, I wonder what other effects colors could have.

So I started doing research. There’s a lot of things on about the psychology of colors, which has been used in Marketing to elicit a specific action from you. I was more interested however on how color could influence our mood and psychological states. Here are some of the things I discovered, for instances, about primary colors:

  • yellow – helps with memory, encourages communication, boosts confidence, and stimulates the nervous system. It is associated with happiness, energy, and optimism;
  • red – elevates blood pressure, stimulates the libido, boosts metabolism, and increases your level of enthusiasm, energy, and confidence;
  • blue – helps you relax and deal with stressful situations, boosts open-heart communication, and enhances your intelligence and intuition

From here I began studying other colors and different tones of color, and I decided to apply this knowledge first in myself, because based on my research I realised I had been unconsciously picking clothes whose colors clearly mirrored and reinforced my low mood. For instances, some of the colors I was wearing everyday included black, dark grey, and dark olive green which are associated with less positive feelings and sensations such as depression and fogginess. Hence, my outside window was a clear reflection of what was going on inside. So I thought I should find a way to reverse this by changing the colors I was choosing to put on myself.

Buying new clothes at this point in time, however, was out of question. Instead I decided to recycle some t-shirts, transform them into fashionable scarfs, and color them based on what I studied about colors and their therapeutic effect. I first created a scarf in blue tones, because I needed to relax and reduce my anxiety levels. Guess what, it worked! Then I decided to create another scarf to induce some calmness allied with some playfulness as well. And guess what, it worked just as I intended, and now I can’t stop making experiments!

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Healing mood disturbances such as anxiety, depression, and sadness with colourful scarfs this Winter, hurray!🌈 This one is called “Strawberry-Mint Delight” and it has the healing vibrations of teal and red-orange🧚🏼‍♀️ Teal promotes analytical thinking (great to let go unhelpful thoughts) and reduces anxiety. Red-orange promotes friendliness, boosts your emotional wellbeing, and induces a general feeling of joy and creativity. Using this scarf will then allow to balance both your creative and analytical brain, while also boosting your sense of joy and wellbeing🧚🏼‍♀️ I used mine today and this is exactly how I felt! As a creative, sometimes it is hard to have the right balance between being creative and analytical. I need this balance in order to get work done✨ If you would like to get one for yourself, send me a PM🧡 . . #healing #anxiety #joy #creative #analytical #mind #balance #wellbeing #chromotherapy #mentalhealth #colorpsychology #style #scarfdesign #hygge #mindthecolor #colortherapy #handmade

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I’m super excited about this creative spur because I believe other people might feel empowered too through connecting with the magic properties of color. The next batch of scarfs will be in pink tones. As October is fast approaching I feel impelled to create some pinkish scarfs not only to raise awareness of breast cancer but also to invite women to accept and re-acknowledge their feminine divine energy. In the meantime, and if you are curious, you can have a look on the scarves that are available so far by clicking here.

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My “Top 3” Motivational Songs

In this blog post I will share with you the Top 3 songs I listen to whenever I need to move from coach potato to badass-get-things-done-girl.

This week, Surin – author of the Fitlete Blog and guest blogger here on The Wellbeing Blogger – posted on his Instagram profile a list of songs that puts him in the “driving seat” (I’m using his words here!). Inspired by his post, I decided to share here my Top 3 Motivational songs. But first check out Surin’s original selection:


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Music has an unrivaled power. It moves us to action, inspires us to do better, motivates us to push through challenges, and comforts us when things are sulky. Music which moves my soul and put me on the driving seat are: 1. Hans Zimmer – It's really difficult to decide which one is the best. Instrumental track touches my soul. Many of his tracks are very moving, but "Lost but Won" tops the chart. 2. Not Afraid (Eminem) – This song is all about standing up for yourself, because in this crazy, freakish life – you have one shot, one opportunity to not miss your chance to blow. 3. Survivor – COME ON. One of the most energizing, motivational song known to humankind. 4. Hall of Fame- The song which make you feel like you're a winner. The song which reminds you of your worth and what you can accomplish. 5. Can't Hold Us – Above songs are inspirational, but this one combines the inspirational message with a ridiculously energizing melody.

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I must say that I also listen to songs number 1, 3, and 5 when I need to get blood pumping in my veins. Actually I love them! And music in general has this amazing effect – the power to change and influence our mood. It can make us feel up in the sky or under the grass. I use music a lot when I want to feel happier, concentrate more, or go from coach potato to Super Son Goku (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this on YouTube – and to clarify: no, I wasn’t and I’m not a DragonBall fan… but my brother still is!).

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The songs I’m going to share with you in this post are songs that shake my entire core and pull my soul from inside-out. These are songs that stimulate and transform negative emotions (e.g. anger, frustration) into something greater. Here is my selection:


I’m a rock-chick after all! Actually I can’t wait to go back to Portugal and enjoy some rock concerts with my brother – I’m going to put this on my bucket list of “Things to do when I move back to Lisboa”. What can I say about this song? I love it. It makes me want to shake tables and start speeding in the middle of the street. Plus, I have a crush on Dave Grohl.


Yahoooo!! Do I need to say something about this song?! I absolutely love it! A guy once sent me this song as a hidden message – at that time I was all over the place because he had “nailed” my song, but now I’m glad I can’t remember who was he, because this way I can still enjoy one of my favourite songs free from sad associations! *laughs*


And last but not least: a song from QUEEN, one of my dad’s favourite bands. We used to HATE so much when he played QUEEN in the car when we were kids. Later it became a reference for us music-wise and today I still listen to this song whenever I need to have that extra boost in stamina.


Now it’s your time to share: let us know what are your favourite motivational songs! My playlist needs an update – as you can see right now is a bit rock-biased! 🙂


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How To Put Your Life Together

I’m in the aftermath of some terrible months which have essentially been marked by overwhelming feelings and a deep frustration because most things in my life seem to be stuck and unchangeable. And even though this seems very familiar when thinking about the past few years (to the point that it even became the ‘new normal’), it is certainly not the best way to live for me. So last week I sat down with my laptop and I started typing in a blank page under the title:

“Put Your Life Together”

Even though I’m no longer finishing my PhD in September (had a review meeting last week…), I decided that I can’t keep delaying the changes that I need for myself right now. I have been trying to focus on getting things done as much as I humanly can but the pressure has been so much that I found myself sacrificing my wellbeing again. That in turn makes me feel incredibly miserable and unhappy.

If you follow me on instagram, you might know that I that I have a tattoo on my back which says:

Love yourself. Love your day. Love your life.

And being fuelled by several cups of coffee during the day, working non-stop in front of a computer, and having no sort of positive human interactions are totally incompatible with those three sentences whose purpose was in the first place to remind me of how I should actually live! Instead I have been leading such a terrible lifestyle that I am even ashamed of saying out loud my blog’s URL.

I miss my yoga in the morning, my warm water with lemon, my smoothies and juices, my healthy food, and most of all I miss the overall feeling of being fit (I haven’t done any workout besides walking… and I’m now three sizes bigger because I keep eating to numb my feelings and thoughts!). And it’s because I miss all these good things that I decided it is time to stop letting my current situation (being stuck in this PhD process) overdrive my mood and my wellbeing goals. So while listening to one of D. Carnegie’s audiobooks (“How To Stop Worrying and Start Living”), I decided to put a four-step approach to change in practise on my Google Drive’s blank page:

  1. What needs to change?
  2. What can I do about it?
  3. What is my decision?
  4. What is the next action?

It wasn’t long until I a list of 12 items emerged. From finding a new house and applying for a different job in the local area to buying a gym membership and creating a saving account, the list revealed itself to be quite diverse. Under each item I then started to write a couple of actions that could contribute to the achievement of my overarching goals. I’m not going to share my detailed list, but here are my 12 items:

Put Your Life Together: #TheList

  1. Move house
  2. Change job
  3. Complete PhD thesis
  4. Buy a gym membership
  5. Book a massage
  6. Get a proper bike
  7. Invite JJ, W. and wife to have dinner in the new house
  8. Build-up a nice romantic relationship (forget this item!)
  9. Revamp my blog
  10. Work on my social business plan
  11. Create a saving account
  12. Visit family on a weekend asap

I can tell you that I already started to take action on some of these items. I showed interest in a house back in town, I applied for two jobs that I would sincerely love having, I have been writing up a lot in the last few days, and I also decided to only enjoy my friend’s love-life stories and stop thinking about mine. And… I also got a Thai massage taster today from my friend: actually I spent most of the time laughing because I realised that I’m really in a big physical trouble!

The Psychology of Tarot: Accessing the Unconscious Through Symbolic Language

Tarot works through symbols and images on cards. It provides a framework to analyse a problem or situation and to explore future solutions or options.

The Tarot is not a way of forecasting the future but a way to go deeper into our beings and uncover some parts of us that were somehow suppressed or blocked within us. As a client that I worked with me stated once:

“I learnt with you that the Tarot advises us, it guides us and it doesn’t give us anything for granted (…) it helps us to understand what is happening with us in the present moment and it puts hope in our heart for the future that will come” (M.A.)

Thus, applying the meaning of a card to a question or issue you bring to a session means that we will create the conditions to let your mind look for meanings and creative links that it wouldn’t usually consider. This is the magic of Tarot in a therapeutic setting: together we unlock your inner potential and bring to surface what already lies within you, transforming symbolic language – the language of the unconscious – into practical guidance for your daily life.

If you want to book a Tarot Therapy session with me or a simple Tarot reading report, please send a message either through the contact form in the blog, e-mail or even  through Facebook.