FITNESS-FRIDAY: Are You Doing These Mistakes?

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It takes a lot of courage and grit to make up your mind to take the bold step of changing the way you look and put your first step into the gym. The journey seems to be very long when you start calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) on a regular basis. There are people who train their body or undertake body transformation programme only when they have some special occasions to attend. I wish they never run out of special occasions, so they never have to show their back to the gym. These are the lucky or not so lucky people who want to shed some pounds, but my point of discussion for today’s topic is for those people who have been working out since years and yet not gaining the shape they desire for.

People have been complaining that they have acquired enough strength to lift the iron but they fail miserably when it comes to flaunting their biceps. Probably one of the reasons for quitting. But, Lady or dude, if you’ve been working for more and more muscles but haven’t seen any gains, then these could be the possible reasons which are in the way of you and big muscles.

ERROR 1: You don’t eat enough.

Big muscles and the right food have a strong correlation between them. It is very important to fuel your body with the right amount nutrients.  That includes fat, carbs, protein etc. If you don’t eat enough then your body can’t use the calories for repair and growth. You cannot build a house without a strong foundation. Calculate your calorie percentage, the way you plan your body mass index. Plan your meals.

ERROR 2: You don’t take enough rest or sleep.

Less sleep is one of the main reasons for sore muscles. You need to recharge your body with the adequate amount of sleep for the complete recovery and growth of muscles. It has been advised and a proven fact that what you do in the gym doesn’t change if you don’t change what happens outside of it. Eight hours of sleep is a must.

ERROR 3: Your workout lacks diversity.

If you are doing the same routine over and over again, then there’s a good chance you’ll hit a plateau. It is very important to bring different variations in your routine. Try different angles, exercises and loads to give the shock to your muscles. Don’t allow your mind to convince your muscles with the same set of repetitions.

ERROR 4: Not lifting heavy weights.

Building muscles are equivalent to adding intensity to your workout. You cannot expect your biceps to grow only by lifting 20 pounds’ dumbbell. No matter how consistent you are, if you are not challenging yourself in your routine, you cannot build muscles. Push your grit for those 2 extra repetitions.

ERROR 5: You’re not drinking enough water.

Drinking an adequate amount of water is easy, and there’s no excuse why you cannot do it. Water is an elixir of life and it is very important for you to keep your body rehydrated all the time. Just take a bottle wherever you go and keep sipping out of it throughout the day. You cannot train your muscles if you are not properly hydrated.

ERROR 6: You’re not training your legs.

There’s nothing much to argue on this point. Leg training is hard, but essential for a well-developed physique. Squats are the building blocks of your upper body muscles. It also increases your bench strength. DO NOT SKIP THE LEG DAY.

Make few simple tweaks to your routine to start building muscle and melting fat. Good luck with reaching your goals. Hustle Hard.


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13 Self-Transformative Movies

When you live in a place like England, you need to have some indoor backup plans, so today I thought of doing a quick search for movies that have been “categorised” as inspiring, transformative and life provocative (oh, I like this expression – life provocative!). As a result, I found some suggestions online which also seem to be part of the book book “Positive Psychology at the Movies” (Niemiec & Wedding, 2014).

I already saw some of the suggested movies – others not really. Therefore, I’m going to watch them all, especially in those days in which rain pays us a visit and I start missing the sunshine. I will leave the list below, with a one-sentence lesson and related personal experience next to each movie (as I go watching them).

1. Hector and the Search for Happiness

Lesson: To be happy you don’t need to avoid sadness.

Personal experience: In the last 9 months I lived in Portugal (January-September, 2015), I did like Hector. I didn’t go to China nor visited Africa, but I did some trips in my own country and had a lot of weird adventures while looking for happiness. This was almost right after my “big love” and I broke up. What I can say for sure is that happiness is not out there to be found. Happiness is in each moment of your life; it can be right there, where you are. You just need to start resting within myself.

Watch Trailer

2. The Great Beauty 

Lesson: Before death comes, there is life.

Personal experience: This was a very intense movie. It literally made me go back to Rome and to the excessive latin culture of feeling everything too much and in every way possible. I particularly liked the authenticity of the main character – at age 65, there was no more need to pretend to be someone else or do something that he didn’t really want to. I think this is something we should even embrace at an earlier age – we shouldn’t wait until we reach the age of 65 to be, say and do according to who we really are. Of course, sometimes you will disappoint or hurt people with the truth… but I find the truth to be better, and I do believe that friendships are supposed to be based on authenticity rather than fake compliments. Another thing that spoke to me is the idea that you don’t have to follow the same lifestyle that everyone else seems to have. For instances, if you are happier single and you think you should marry someone to have a specific lifestyle based on that fact… that’s a thought kind of wrong. You must live your life and make decisions in it according to your own rules.

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3. Life Itself 


4. Carnage

Lesson: Kids are an exact mirror of their parents.

Personal experience: This movie is pretty exhausting, in my opinion. You spend the entire time listening to four adults discussing and arguing about not about the problem that brought them together (a fight between their kids) but their own unresolved issues as individuals. I’m surprised to find this movie listen as a “Positive Psychology” movie to be honest. I ended up distressed and feeling like I lost precious time.

5. The Fault in Our Stars

Soon. Oh my, I saw this one before… I’m going to cry like a big baby AGAIN!

6. Moonrise Kingdom


7. The Intouchables


8. Life of Pi

Soon. I saw this one too, but can’t remember exactly the script…

9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Soon. I saw this one too. I remember that it was really amazing, but I can’t remember the script…

10. Interstellar 

Soon. I have seen this three times. I fell asleep in all of them, once while travelling from Strasbourg to France, Paris.

11. The Imitation Game

Soon. I haven’t seen this one, but I know that has that very cute, handsome, classic-o-chic actor…

12. Argo


13. Rush