The Wheel of Life – Free Coaching Printable

The Wheel of Life is one of my favorite coaching tools. My previous blog post was somewhat inspired by it. I like it because it is an easy and very visual way to assess different aspects of life. These may include health, relationships, finance, career, fitness, and leisure among others. I picked eight areas last time I drew a Wheel of Life for myself. You can select more or fewer areas as it depends on what you find to be important.

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White Pages & Life Assessments

A white page was never an issue. It used to be a portal to my inner world. A gateway to my feelings and thoughts about reality. It was my way to sort out and track life. What am I doing? What am I feeling? What do I think about this and that? Where to go next? An untyped white screen would be filled with questions such as these and eventually some nuggets for future action.

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