How Bodybuilding Has Transformed My Life + Beginners Workout Plan

Besides helping with grounding and reshaping my body, bodybuilding has also given me many other benefits. These include increased health and energy, better posture, greater self-esteem as well as increased self-confidence and happiness. I honestly bless the day I decided to start and commit myself to a 12-Week bodybuilding training regime. On average, I worked out four days a week for about half an hour. I call it 'Round 1' because it's a basic package of bodybuilding exercises in which my main goals were to 1) build a first good layer of muscle and 2) create a consistent routine. In this round, I didn't worry about changing my nutritional habits or being too strict with what I can or cannot eat. I simply conditioned myself to show up as much as I could and I kept increasing the weight. I'm sharing below my workout plan of 'Round 1'.