New Moon Tarot Reading

I learnt with you that the Tarot advises us, it guides us and it doesn’t give us anything for granted (…) it helps us to understand what is happening with us in the present moment and it puts hope in our heart for the future that will come.


Therapeutic Tarot is a tool to help you explore and discover psycho-emotional blocks, fears, and actions that are hindering your personal growth and fulfillment.

This particular reading is done around the time of each New Moon and it involves a 5-card tarot spread focusing on the following aspects:

  • where are you in life right now?
  • what is blocking your?
  • what intention should you work on during the new lunar cycle?
  • what lesson do you need to learn?
  • what will help you in this process?

Have your reading done in 24h for £6.99

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