Wellbeing Mavericks

Which Wellbeing Maverick Are You?

What’s a Wellbeing Maverick?

A Wellbeing Maverick is someone who puts wellbeing first and has a unique and unconventional way to look after their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Breaking Free

Wellbeing Mavericks tend to be curious and they like to explore different avenues and practices. They opt for what works best for them instead of blindly adopting mainstream trends.

The Common Thread

All Wellbeing Mavericks have a passion for nurturing self-awareness and personal growth.

Our Test

The Wellbeing Mavericks Test is designed to help you find and understand your unique approach to Wellbeing. For the time being, the test features four archetypical characters: the Zen Erudite, the Life Artist, the Spartan Warrior, and the Hippie Spiritualist.

More than One

Although we may have aspects of all of these characters, there is usually one that is more resonant. This does not mean results are set in stone. As your life outlook and circumstances change, so can your results vary.

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